Nothing is more satisfying to a bingo player than being able to shout “Bingo!” Since the game is often played for money, it helps to know how to play, so you can increase your chances of winning as a new player.

You will be given Bingo cards and chips to start the game. This is a multiplayer game, and each player will have at least one card. The more cards you have, the more games you  get to play, thereby increasing your chances at winning this luck-based game. You can take as many chips as you want or need throughout game play.

The goal of the game is to be able to cover a full row of five letter and number combinations on a card. The game can be won by covering a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Before the game officially begins, you should cover the free space in the middle of your card with a chip. This gives each player a small advantage to winning a game as one space in a row in the middle of the card is covered.

When the game is played, the game caller draws up to 75 balls from a spinner. When the caller draws a ball, he or she calls out the letter and number combination, and, if you have the same on your card, you place a chip over it. The game is played until the balls are drawn or someone wins the game.  The best bingo sites give you a massive prize for winning.

For example, you hear the caller say “B1″. If you have a one on your card underneath the letter B, you place a chip over it. You are one step closer to marking a full row and one step closer to winning.

Mark the correct numbers with your chips on your Bingo card. Mistakes will disqualify your game play. If you are unsure of the number and letter combination called, ask a player nearby. Often, number and letter combinations are posted on an electronic game board at the front of the venue where you are playing the game, so it is easy to clarify which ball was called.

When you get five chips covering a whole row, shout Bingo! You have won. Be sure to call out Bingo quickly and loudly. The game’s caller will ask you to verify the number and letter combinations you have on your row. Congratulations on your first win!