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Reasons To Why The Media Dislikes Limos

Limo’s are known for being luxury vehicles, that are often only used by those who belong to the elite. However, the media dislike the usage of these for several reasons. Today, I will be discussing the different reasons as to why the media dislikes the use of limos and how it just ends up making their job a lot more difficult. There are several reasons discussed by limo services Chicago, but I will only touch upon a few of them and explain them as well.

To start off with, one the main reasons the media dislikes limo’s is because it becomes really difficult to photograph people that are sitting within them. For the media their job is to keep an eye on these elite members and photograph them. When these people are going about and traveling in shielded limo’s it can make their job a lot harder. A lot of times they will have to leave events without having correct formatted pictures and basically not having much to do with. This can become very frustrating for those who are trying to create headlines and have a boss to answer back to.

Also, when people are traveling in limo’s it becomes very difficult to spot who is driving what. For instance, a lot of times it is easier to spot a celebrity because you know the type of car they drive, if you they are all traveling in a limo you cannot differentiate like that any more. The whole process of your job then becomes a hassle and you are usually out of pictures especially not good ones. This is why it is important for the media to always be prepared.

The media plays a very important role and need to take their job seriously. As much as the elite do not want to be photographed or stopped for questions, this is what keeps the media in touch and the ability to hold on to their jobs. It becomes a game of cat and mouse, which often in this case the elites end up winning due to their high security, tinted windows etc. The media complains that they have become very hard to track down and that they have a difficult time getting good photographs and quick interviews. People are not willing to roll down their window and just say a quick few words, which can become extremely unfortunate.

Overall, there are many reasons as to why the media dislikes the use of limo’s. They believe that these limo’s end up becoming a barrier between their work. They end up not getting good pictures and interviews. The media is just doing their job, which is why it annoy’s them when members of the elite choose to cover their faces, fail to roll down their windows or use alternative exits. It is becoming very difficult for the media to perform the core duties of their job as the elite are tightening their security and choosing to stay away from the camera’s.

Finding Out About Limos In The News

Recently, I met an old friend of mine from college whom I had not seen in many years. We decided to get together for lunch so that we could catch up. Over our meal, I asked him about what he was doing with his life.

He told me that he was working for a limousine company in his city. He worked in the PR department, so he was responsible for making sure that there were positive stories about limos in the news. I found this quite interesting, since I did not know much about the PR business.

After our lunch was over, he invited me to come visit him at his home sometime in the near future. I decided to take him up on his offer, so I made plans to travel to his city. It is not that far away, but I took a plan instead. He met me at the airport and picked me up in a limo!

It was a lot of fun driving around the city in a limousine. I had actually never been in one before, so it was a new experience for me. We had a great time and resolved to meet up more frequently.

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